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Which did not help push the United States into World War I?

A. American trade ties to Allied countries

B. Massive loans from America to Germany

C. The Zimmermann Telegram

D. British propaganda about German atrocities
Which did not help push the United States into World War I?
Which did not help push the United States into World War I?
B. Massice loans from America to Germany.

Not A because America did lots of trade with Britain and France

Not C because the Zimmerman telegram (from Germany to Mexico saying that if Mexico helped Germany they could regain land lost in the American-Mexican war) angered many Americans

Not D because lots of stories were coming from Britain about the terrible things that the Germans were doing. American ships were also being blown up by German u-boats.
Reply:I say old chap!?!

One could safely say the both C and D were elements of

America%26#039;s entry, finally, into World War One.

I would like for you to tell me more about B, Massive loans from America to Germany? Who was doing the loaning? Was it govt. to govt. or individual Germans in America to

the business counterparts in Germany?

A. Would logically have a bit of influence on the American

business community and the power they wielded in the

political decisions about going to war against Germany

On the other hand the munitions makers in America would

like us to keep out of the war because even our slight

incursion could throw the even balance for the stalemate

that was the Western Front in 1917-1918, out of balance and might have brought the War to an end.

Was the Prohibition 1919 - 1933 a complete failure?

Or can you find any positive aspects about it?
Was the Prohibition 1919 - 1933 a complete failure?
YES.. it was a complete failure... it made very wealthy people for those willing to break the law... just like all these stupid %26#039;wars%26#039; on drugs, crime etc... AmeriKans don%26#039;t KNOW HISTORY... their own or anyone elses... PROHIBITION DIDN%26#039;T WORK... so WHY do the politicians thing the war on DRUGS will work?... IT WON%26#039;T AND IT CAN%26#039;T.
Was the Prohibition 1919 - 1933 a complete failure?
Yes. most people just went to clubs and stuff to drink anyway. most clubs were never stopped even if caught. Prohibition also caused crimes to increase. the government thought it was a great thing to do but obviously they made a mistake.
Reply:Prohibition was a disaster in pretty much every conceivable sense. It led to a boom in violent organized crime. You know those gangsters, like Al Capone, you hear about? Prohibition is the biggest factor that let them rise to power. VAST amounts of money were made from illegal bootlegging, and law enforcement faced huge problems as well, because officers were bribed very often. Drinking suddenly became fashionable, especially in demographics where it was almost taboo before. Namely, women suddenly started visiting speak easies (illegal bars) and drinking, where they didn%26#039;t do so before, or at least to the same extent. In short, it didn%26#039;t stop people from drinking, and just allowed all kinds of other crime.
Reply:I think it was an outright and total failure. Some have pointed out that the reported levels of alcoholism in the country dropped, and perhaps that%26#039;s a positive effect, but the murder rate and the rate of people dying from consuming %26quot;bathtub gin%26quot; skyrocketted. In addition, the Mafia and the black markets were expanded hugely during this period, and the average Americans respect for the law was deeply eroded. My Grandfather, a good man, a law abiding citize (mostly) and a veteran of WWII and Korea said that the problem with prohibition was that almost nobody actually gave up drinking, they just had to break the law to do it, and that any law passed which is broken by most law abiding citizens is a law which undercuts all others.
Reply:it was a collossal failure. it never once did anything that it was supposed to do which was to outlaw alcohol. all it did was make people like al capone and joe kennedy very rich. it increased the crime rates, and did nothing to stem the flow or the manufacturing of whiskey, beer or anything else with alcohol.
Reply:I can%26#039;t think of any positive aspect that in anyway balanced out the damage.

There is some speculation that Prohibition may not have been a complete failure if it had only targeted hard liquor. By prohibiting beer and wine which are so fundamental to so many cultures, it created a nation of criminals, and the underground economy to feed it.

More importantly it raised some serious questions about using the constitution to control vice. None of the last 6 amendments ratified after the repeal of prohibition have anything directly to do with a social behavior.

U.S. History pls help me with homework.?

How did the experience of the Navajo weaken the argument of some government officials that the best solution for American Indian was to assimilate into white culture?
U.S. History pls help me with homework.?
Well as you know ther was a group of men who were callled code talkers during WWI. If they had not been taught thier native language we probably be talking Japanese. See at the time the Japanese code breakers knew all the different languages that America used to send coded messages to the point where an American code talker had sneezed and the Japanese said %26quot;bless you%26quot; in the code language we were using. Many other significant knowledge was lost because the white Christian religion was pushed onto these spiritual people. Many skills in art work have been forever lost. So in saying assimulation has not been to our best intrest as a nation and our security

What's the proper name for the latch of a cloak? (In medieval times.)?

If it actually is called a latch, is there any other name?

What%26#039;s the proper name for the latch of a cloak? (In medieval times.)?
Hook and eye
What%26#039;s the proper name for the latch of a cloak? (In medieval times.)?
Reply:cloak pin

What are the names of the 3 musketeers and are they french?

Athos, Porthos and Aramis, later joined by D%26#039;Artagnan. The story is set at the French court and they are (fictional) musketeers of the King%26#039;s guard, so yes their names are French. The story was originally titled %26quot;Les Trois Mousquetaires%26quot;.
What are the names of the 3 musketeers and are they french?
Porthos , Athos and Aramiss, and the fourth is D%26#039;Artegnan. They%26#039;re French because the story is set in France, and was written by a French author, Dumas.
What are the names of the 3 musketeers and are they french?
Athos, Porthos, Aramis and D%26#039;Artagnan

D%26#039;Artagnan is french alright.

But the other names are Greek.

When did all 50 states allow women to vote?

1920 with the ratification of the 19th Amendment
When did all 50 states allow women to vote?
August 21, 1959. The Nineteenth Amendment was ratified August 18, 1920 but there weren%26#039;t 50 states until August 21, 1959.

How did the methods of the early miners and the present day miners differ?

Pls help..